A prosperous HAPPY New Year 2014

For many people 2013 was a fast, not always easy year. Globally it was one of many events, good and sad ones. It’s the perfect time to shake loose whatever disturbed us in our personal grow. Make space for new things and of course: drink your perfect bottle of wine.

Hope you will have a perfect night and 365 days following up with only happy situations.

Happy New Year 2014!!!!


Merry Xmas from TheWineBabe!

Dear wine lovers and followers of TheWineBabe

I wish you a verrryyy merrryyy Xmas and enjoy the time with your family and friends.
Drink, laugh, enjoy and share hearts and gifts. 
I will do the same with my family and friends in Switzerland.

Love TheWineBabe

Chris’ famous Spitzbuben recipe for my friends

Over at my private Facebook page, I’ve posted pics from my christmas cookies and some people asked for the recipe. To make it available to all of you, I do something not wine related and post the whole thing here.

These are the ingredients you need to make approximately 140 cookies:

Do you know what happens with wine that ages in a Barrel?

No? Then I’m more than happy to clean this opaque glass. Lots of us drink wine, which aged in a Barrel; aging means, the wine will go in a specific container after the first fermentation (not sure what this is? Subscribe to the Newsletter and get a free eBook with all juicy information!). Wine needs this time to develop aromas and taste, that we can drink it later. Barrels have some specific characteristics:

T’s the season for mulled wine, gingerbread and Santa’s day in Switzerland!

Ok you already know that I’m a Swiss miss and there are some things from my country I treasure. Doesn’t matter if I’m there or far away, I always celebrate the 6th of December, the so called “Samichlousetag”. You would call it “Santa’s day” that’s when Santa comes with “Schmutzli” and a donkey (very important) from the south German Schwarzwald (remember, that’s where the coo coo clocks are coming from) and travels through Switzerland to give you trick or treats. Ah heck no, that’s Halloween. He gives good girls and boys a bag full of nuts, clementines, gingerbread and of course Chocolate!

Aromas in wine, do they add them?

Thinking of all questions crossing my way in the past, this is among the most interesting ones. Quiet a lot of people don’t know where the aromas in wine are coming from, but almost everybody smells them. You all read and heard about wine descriptions where they talk about berries, chocolate, vanilla, pears, lemon, liquorish and so on. Ok and the 1000$ question is: where do they come from? Do wine makers add them to the wine? Can somebody explain this to me please?

A wine for the bathtub

At the northern hemisphere, Winter arrived and it’s time for this warm and cozy evenings. Hot tub lovers are totally excited now, because it’s the time for frothy hot baths, candle light, a glass of wine, the current book and maybe the favorite  music too. Relaxation is the thing right to do!